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“From Seed to Abundance:
A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Food”

Inside you’ll get all the dirt on:

  • How to grow a harvest plentiful enough to easily support your family.
  • What tools and supplies you’ll need for planting, cultivating, and harvesting.
  • The ins and outs of soil and how to keep it healthy.
  • All about the seeds you’ll be planting, their ideal temperatures, germination times, and the logistics of how and where to plant them.
  • Overcoming common gardening diseases like wilt and rot.
  • Dealing with those pesky garden critters.

“From Seed to Abundance:
A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Food”

Starting a garden can leave you with a lot of questions…

  • Do I have the time to ensure my garden is successful?
  • How will I know if something is wrong with one of my plants?
  • What should I grow and when and where should I grow it?

Weed whacking your way through all those complicated online ‘how-to’ guides can be enough to put you off gardening altogether. Expert terminology and poorly explained processes don’t get you anywhere. They certainly don’t explain step-by-step how to find that green thumb of yours.

It’s in there though, we promise.


More than likely you already know...

“In our modern-day, it's more important than ever for our societies to go back to the land.

Our agricultural system has spiraled out of control, damaging ecosystems on a global scale and growing food that is lacking in nutritional content and often contaminated.

By cultivating your own food you can become independent from this monstrous system and have a positive impact on the planet.”

So, how can you turn this budding interest in living off your land into a reality?

Well, that same reality is…anyone can grow their own food. It’s a skill like anything else and simply requires some hard work and dedication!

That’s where our FREE and EXCLUSIVE E-BOOK comes in. Written by an expert, specifically for beginner gardeners, it’s the one and only gardening guide you’ll ever need.

Want to know a little more about what’s in store?

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the valuable information you’ll find in this book!

Start off with some sustainable wisdom and learn why your garden is more than its namesake.

Dive deep and get your hands dirty with seed-specific info that’s been organized with the same care you’ll show your new garden.

Truly learn about all the possibilities with full-color pictures and in-depth descriptions of what you may come across.